Covid 19 Health and safety

Looking after you during Covid 19

In addition to the high standards of hygiene already in place I have implemented additional sanitisation and social distancing measures to protect the health and safety of my clients when you visit Relaxed Mind and Body Holistic Practice.

  • Facility to wash hands or use a hand sanitiser is requested when entering the therapy room
  • Your therapist will thoroughly wash hands pre and post treatment.
  • Being vigilant with hygiene standards ensuring all surfaces such as seating, equipment and product containers are cleaned with a high-grade disinfectant regularly during the day and between clients. Door handles, hand railing and other frequently used surfaces are disinfected between clients.
  • Ensuring all towels and bedding are hot washed 60C and dirty laundry stored away in a separate room
  • Treatment table and pillows are fitted with plastic covers which are wiped and disinfected between clients, then fresh bedding provided for each client
  • Therapy room is ventilated between clients and at the end of each working day
  • Following an end of day checklist to ensure all areas have been cleaned and sanitised ready for the next working day.
  • Ensuring social distancing requirements are adhered to when entering and leaving the premises and during consultations
  • I will be wearing a visor during all treatments. Disposable gloves are recommended during massage, as a client it is your choice if you’d like me to wear gloves

If you are feeling unwell, please call or text Heidi on 07985 457885 and give at least 24hrs notice to reschedule your appointment

I believe it is important to provide this information to ensure you feel comfortable visiting Relaxed Mind and Body and can focus on restoration and relaxation during your treatment. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation with these regulations to help us stop the spread of the virus.