The Perfect Christmas Gift does exist…

Yes..the perfect Xmas present is a wellbeing voucher. If you need reasons why, read on… Relaxed Mind and Body offers gift vouchers for all treatments and packages and they can be received via email or bought direct from the practice. 10 Reasons Holistic Therapy Vouchers make perfect Xmas gifts: The recipient can choose their favourite Continue reading »

Summertime Skincare Tips

Summer.. the season to relax, take holidays, swim and sunbathe. Whilst we are enjoying the warm weather and spending more time outdoors its essential to look after our skin and keep it healthy. I have gathered these useful tips to help you look after your skin and feel fabulous this summer.   Don’t forget your Continue reading »

Infertility and Reflexology

Are you trying to conceive? Do you feel frustrated, overwhelmed and want some time for yourself? Holistic treatments and reflexology may provide the help you need.. How can fertility reflexology help? Reflexology works on the principle that we have reflexes on our feet which correspond to all organs and systems in our body. By ‘working’ Continue reading »

Massage and Pregnancy

Massage during pregnancy has great benefits for both the mother and baby. It is important to note that pregnancy massage is not about indulgence. It really is about taking good care of a body that is undergoing huge shifts and changes in order to support and accommodate a growing baby.  The side effect of all these Continue reading »

Should I have a massage when sick?

I get asked this question a lot during autumn and winter months;  I have a it still ok to have a massage?  My answer to clients usually is.., it depends how long you’ve been feeling sick and if you have temperature.  Massage is great for releasing toxins and reducing aches but if you’ve just caught Continue reading »

Useful essential oils and herbs for Summer

Summertime means holidays and relaxation but it can also bring on mosquito bites, rashes, sunburn, blisters, hayfever, headaches… Below I’ve listed herbs and aromatherapy oils useful for treating these conditions naturally. Sunburn-Rashes-Dry Skin  Sooth the skin with cooling and healing Aloe Vera gel or Calendula (marigold) cream. I keep these in the fridge to add Continue reading »

How can you detox with massage?

Are you feeling sluggish, tired and bloated? Rich Christmas foods and excess alcohol can leave us feeling heavy and ready for a detox in January. Whilst its beneficial to juice, eat more fruit and vegetables , exercise and sleep well, a good massage therapy session can assist your body to cleanse and feel better in Continue reading »

5 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

Here I share some of my favourite ways to cope with the colder months and look after your health. Chamomile. You can use chamomile tea for sore throats, colds, flu and as a night time natural relaxing drink. If you feel the chill and have a cold, add grated ginger root with the chamomile to Continue reading »

Are you stressed out?

Defend yourself against stress, unwind mentally and improve your health. Below you will find some practical tips on how to stay calm and healthy every day. Starve the negative. Avoid overloading on negative information from TV, press, gossip about friends or colleagues and dont associate with anyone who has a pessimistic view on life When Continue reading »

Top 10 Reasons to get a Massage

1. Have some time out on your own to relax and de-stress. It’s important to take time out and forget about the daily routines by having a soothing, nurturing massage. You’ll feel like on a natural high due to the release of endorphins and quietening of the mind after a massage session. 2. Stimulate and Continue reading »