Thai table massage

Table Thai massage is a unique combination of dynamic massage and thai body stretches. In traditional Thai medicine, the concept of energy and the flow of energy are represented through a series of channels running through the body. In Chinese medicine these energy lines are called Qi or Chi and in Ayervedic medicine Nadis. Thai medicine calls the energy lines as SEN lines.

The movements used in the thai table massage work with the energy flow and are performed in a way to assist all energy channels in the body.

Benefits of Table Thai Massage

  • A comprehensive mind & body therapy performed on the whole body
  • Ideal as a introduction to massage, the treatment is done through clothing, no need to disrobe
  • Wonderfully relaxing, deep and stretching massage for those who carry lot of tension and aches in their back, shoulders, neck and legs
  • Helps to produce a sense of calm and balance lasting for days/weeks after the session
  • Excellent therapy for dancers, martial artists, fitness instructioners, regular gym users, weight lifters, anyone with a sports background or physical work